Hey Siri Not Working When Music Is Playing?

Similarly, Does Hey Siri work while playing music?

No. Since its debut, Siri has never functioned when playing music on any of my iPhones. The HomePod is the only gadget I am aware of that functions in that manner.

Also, it is asked, How do you say hey Siri when playing music?

Simply say “Hey Siri” or touch a button to make Siri available on your Apple device. You may also type Siri a request. On your Apple smartphone, learn how to utilize Siri.

Secondly, Why does Siri not work with Apple Music?

For Siri to respond to your instructions even while your iPhone is locked, you must activate it from the Settings menu. Step 1: Open the Siri & Search option in the iPhone Settings app. Step 2: Turn on the toggle for Allow Siri When Locked.

Also, How come when I say hey Siri doesn’t work?

If Siri doesn’t answer soon, Unless you go to Settings > Accessibility > Siri and set on Always Listen for “Hey Siri,” Siri won’t normally reply when your smartphone is face down or covered.

People also ask, How do I get Siri to play music on my iPhone?

All you have to do is politely ask Siri to play a certain song or album. Keep holding down the Home button. Siri is waiting for your instruction as shown by the brief chime. Tell Siri what music you want to hear. Siri agrees to your request, and you must have the music on your iPhone 4S in order to hear it!

Related Questions and Answers

Does Hey Siri work with Spotify?

Siri voice commands may be used to play songs, artists, albums, playlists, and more on Spotify. All you have to say is, “Hey Siri, play [item] on Spotify.” Siri can also handle playing features at the system level, such as pausing, switching between tracks, volume, and so on.

What music apps can Siri control?

Your phone will now provide a selection of applications for you to choose from whenever you ask Siri to “play music” or to play a certain song, podcast, or book. You may decide whatever audio app to use, whether it’s Spotify, Audible, Pandora, Apple Podcasts, or another one.

How do I get voice on Apple Music?

By asking Siri to “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial,” users may sign up for the Apple Music Voice Plan, or they can do it using the Apple Music app.

How do you make Hey Siri work?

To activate Siri on your iPhone, follow these steps: Navigate to the iPhone’s settings from the home screen. Select “Siri & Search” by swiping down. Turn “Listen for ‘Hey, Siri‘” on by tapping the top switch to make it green. You will be prompted by your iPhone to set up “Hey, Siri“; touch “Continue”.

Why is Siri not talking?

If your device is silenced or Voice Feedback is off, Siri may not speak back to you. Try turning up the volume on your smartphone while you’re on the Siri screen. Check your Voice Feedback settings after that: Navigate to Settings > Siri & Search > Voice Feedback on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Why is Siri not working on my iPhone 13?

Tap Settings on the Home screen. Decide to use Siri & Search. Then, be sure to keep an eye out for “Hey Siri.” On iPhone XS and subsequent models, the options Press Home for Siri and Press Side Button for Siri are activated. Toggle the appropriate switches or buttons to activate or turn them on if they aren’t already.

How do I get Siri to talk back?

Go to Siri & Search under Settings. To change the language that Siri uses to respond to your inquiries, tap Language. To alter Siri’s speaking voice, tap Siri Voice. Tap Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Answers on your smartphone to hear Siri’s spoken responses.

Can Siri announce songs?

It probably takes Siri a few seconds to identify the tune once she responds, “Let me listen.” After that, Siri will say something like, “I can name that tune,” and will then pronounce the song’s title and artist, display the song’s cover, and provide a “purchase” or “add” link to the Apple Music store.

How do I activate Hey on Spotify?

You must first activate the Spotify voice assistant on your mobile device before using it. Use these steps to activate the Hey Spotify voice assistant: Install the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone. Open the application, then tap and hold the bottom-most Search icon.

How do I allow Siri to play Spotify?

Simply say “Hey, Siri,” your instruction, then “on Spotify” after that. For instance, “Hey, Siri, play my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist.” Spotify and Siri Play music from albums, playlists, artists, and podcasts. similar to saving songs to your library. Tell you what’s playing right now. altering the loudness Delete tracks. Play/pause. and more!

How do I make Siri default to Spotify?

What to KnowOn an Android device, turn on Google Assistant, hit the account symbol, choose Music, and then tap Spotify in the list of available selections. You may also choose Spotify by going to Settings > Apps > Assistant > See all Assistant Settings > Music. On an iPhone, turn on Siri and ask it to play a certain song or performer.

Why does Spotify not work with Siri?

On your iPhone, tap Settings. Select the Spotify app by swiping down. Tap Siri and then search. Enable Utilize with Siri.

What is the default music player on iPhone?

It is really annoying for someone who uses Spotify or another service because Siri often utilizes Apple Music to play a song when you ask it to. Apple has made it possible to choose the default app that will be used for music searches in the most recent iterations of iOS and iPadOS.

How do I turn off Apple Music as my default?

To stop autoplay, tap the symbol. The emblem that resembles an infinity sign is the Autoplay button. If everything went according to plan, the Autoplay playlist should vanish right away, and Apple Songs will now cease playing music on its own.

What is music Voice Control on iPhone?

Many iPhones include a voice control capability that enables you to create messages, play music, and use other iPhone capabilities. Voice Control is accessible on an iPhone 8 or prior by pressing the Home button, whereas it is accessed on an iPhone X or after by pressing the side button.

What is Apple Music voice?

A more affordable version of Apple Music that you can use fully using your voice is called Apple Music Voice. You have access to the whole Apple Music library with Apple Music Voice, but you must utilize Siri to play music. Compared to the ordinary version’s $9.99 monthly fee, Apple Music Voice is just $4.99.

Does Apple Music have talk radio?

You may listen to Apple Music 1, Apple Music Hits, and Apple Music Country if you have an Apple Music subscription. The most renowned figures in music present programs on each channel. These programs are also available for on-demand and live listening.

How do I activate Siri with voice on iPhone 13?

Open Settings > Siri & Search to activate Siri on the iPhone 13. If you want to activate Siri using your voice, turn on Listen for “Hey Siri,” and if you want to activate Siri using a button, turn on Turn on Press Side Button for Siri.

Where is the Siri microphone?

Your iPhone has one microphone, which is situated at the base of the device. On the back, there’s another. The front of your iPhone has the third one.

Why is Siri silent on my iPhone?

on the iPad and iPhone 1) Select Siri & Search under Settings. 2) Disable the toggles for Siri when you press the side button (or the home button) and Siri when you hear “Hey Siri.” 3) Restart the computer. 4) From the Settings app > Siri & Search, enable Press Side Button (or Home) for Siri, Listen for “Hey Siri.”

Why does Hey Siri not work on my iPhone 12?

Make sure “Hey Siri” is turned on under Settings > Siri and Search if “Hey Siri” doesn’t answer. Attention: If your iPhone 12 is facing down, “Hey Siri” won’t react. if low power mode is on.

How do I fix Siri on my iPhone 12?

On the iPhone 12, how do you fix Siri not working? Select Siri & Search under Settings. Turn off “Listen For Hey Siri,” “Press Side Button for Siri,” “Allow Siri When Locked,” and other similar settings. Turn them back on after waiting a little while. Observe the instructions that pop up on the screen.

Can Siri guess a song by humming?

Try Siri on your iOS device or the OK Google voice command on your Android smartphone if you don’t want to utilize a third-party program. Saying OK Google or Siri will start the voice assistant. Next, ask “What music is this.” The artificial voice assistant will search for related results and provide appropriate music recommendations.

Can iPhone identify music?

Here’s how to set up your iPhone so that it can identify any music with just a touch. A new music identification tool is included of iOS 14.2. The 2018 acquisition by Apple of Shazam is integrated straight into your iPhone. With simply a touch, you can learn what music is now playing.


The “how to get siri to stop playing music” is a question that is asked often. There are many solutions for this issue, but the most common solution is to turn off the computer’s microphone.

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