How Do I Find My Apple Music Replay?

Replay Apple Music on iPhone and iPad On your mobile device, open the Music app. In the menu, choose the Listen Now tab. Replay: Your Top Songs by Year may be seen at the bottom of the Listen Now section. The Featured Artists for those tracks may be found at the bottom of any of your Replays.

Similarly, How do I access my replays on Apple Music?

To go to your Apple Music Replay list on your iPhone or iPad, follow these steps: On your mobile device’s Home screen, tap the Music app. From the app’s bottom menu, choose Listen Now. Scroll down to Replay: Your Top Songs by Year and choose your Replay year. To listen to the playlist, choose Play. To pick alternative years, repeat Steps 1 through 4.

Also, it is asked, How do I find my replay 2021 on Apple Music?

Go to in your preferred browser to locate your Apple Music Replay 2021 year-in-review. You’ll be given with all of the facts about your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year after you check in with your Apple Music account.

Secondly, How do you get replay 22?

To add the Replay 2022 playlist to your collection, go to the Apple Music app or Apple Music on the web. The playlist may not show on your Apple Music app in 2022 if you haven’t listened to enough music.

Also, Is there a way to see all the songs you’ve listened to on Apple Music?

Take a peek at the For You area of the Music app if you want to examine your Apple Music listening history. The music you’ve recently played will be found here. For additional information, tap “See All” next to the Recently Played header.

People also ask, Is Apple Music replay 2022 out yet?

Related Questions and Answers

Why does my Apple Music replay not work?

Check the internet for new information. You won’t be able to use the Replay function if your network connection is sluggish. You may upgrade to a faster WiFi connection. Please upgrade your iOS version if you are using an older version.

How do I find my Apple music history on my iPhone?

How to see your iPhone or iPad’s play history Launch the Music application. Tap the track that is currently playing. Select the symbol for Up Next. To see your song listing history, swipe down. If you wish to listen to a tune again, tap it. To return to the previous screen, swipe down.

How do I find my Apple Music Year in Review?

To do so, navigate to the bottom of the Listen Now page in the Apple Music app. Here you’ll discover your 2021 Replay, as well as one for each subsequent year.

How often is Apple Music Replay updated?

Apple Music Replay, according to the firm, is updated once a week on Sunday. Apple Music Replay will update without your intervention; it will do it automatically.

How do I find my top 10 artists on Apple Music?

If you go to, you’ll be able to “get your replay mix.” You can see who your most streamed artists were this year, how much time you spent listening, and your favorite albums from there. You’ll also be given a playlist of your top 100 songs from the previous year.

How do I find my Apple Music wrapped in 2020?

How to See Apple Music’s ‘Spotify Wrapped’ Navigate to the “Listen Now” option in the Apple Music app. Scroll down to “Replay Apple Music.” Choose from one of your replay playlists. Apple provides playlists for each year you’ve had an Apple Music subscription, so you can observe how your preferences have evolved over time.

Is there Apple Music wrapped?

Wrapped is Apple Music’s equivalent, and it’s called Replay. It debuted in November of this year. The quickest method to get to it is to Google “Apple Replay” and then go to

Is Apple replay in order?

The Replay 2021 list has a great feature that displays you how many hours of music you’ve listened to during the year. In addition, the Replay 2021 list offers songs in decreasing order from most-played to least-played, with the number of times you played each song next to it.

Is Apple Music replay accurate?

The precise accuracy of Apple Music Replay is unknown. The Apple Music desktop software allows users view the play counts of all their songs, however customers have found that the play numbers given in the desktop app don’t always match the play counts listed in Apple Music Replay.


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