How to See Your Artist Hours on Apple Music?

If you go to, you’ll be able to “get your replay mix.” You can see who your most streamed artists were this year, how much time you spent listening, and your favorite albums from there.

Similarly, How do I see hours played by artist on Apple music?

Learn more about the artists and albums you like to listen to. Scroll down to discover how many artists you’ve listened to this year and how many hours you’ve spent doing so. You may also view the top 10 albums you’ve listened to so far, along with the number of times each album has been played.

Also, it is asked, How do you see artist stats on Apple music?

to quickly see your Apple Music statistics Choose a music service. You’ll be able to see which songs, artists, and albums you most often listened to. Wait for Apple Music’s statistics to appear. FreeYourMusic will produce statistics for various time periods. It’s ready after processing!

Secondly, How do I see how many hours of music I have on my iPhone?

A is the answer. A status bar appears at the bottom of your iTunes window. The status bar shows this information when you pick Music from the sidebar. If you don’t see the status bar, go to the View menu in iTunes and choose Show Status Bar.

Also, How do I see Apple Music minutes played?

The finest Apple Music Replay experience is on the web, which you can get by going to the Apple Music Replay website and logging in with your Apple Music account. On the Replay website, you can view information such as the amount of hours you’ve spent listening to music over the course of the year, as well as your favorite albums and performers.

People also ask, Is there Apple Music stats?

Although Apple Music Replay isn’t as comprehensive as Spotify Wrapped, it does provide some useful statistics and specialized playlists. The number of hours of music listened to throughout the course of the year, the number of musicians listened to, and the top artists with the number of hours listening to each are all included in the statistics.

Related Questions and Answers

What is my most played song on Apple Music?

On Android, How to Find Your Most Played Apple Music Songs On your Android smartphone, open the Apple Music app. Go to the bottom of the screen and click the Listen Now option. Go to the folder Replay: Your Top Songs by Year. Locate the one-year Replay folder and press Play.

How can I see my Apple Music views?

Check out your song’s statistics and listening trends. Choose a date range. To pick a date range, use the menu in the right-hand corner. Choose a trending activity. Choose Plays, Listeners, Shazams, Song Purchases, Album Purchases, or Video Views from the left-hand menu. You may sort your data by gender, age, geography, and other factors.

Does Apple Music pay artists?

According to The Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), Apple has stated that it will pay artists a cent per stream, which (as stingy as it seems) is really rather generous.

How many plays do you need to get a star on Apple Music?

This is subject to change, and Apple does not specify how many plays a song must get to earn a star. The maximum number of stars an album may have is five, which is determined by listener ratings. Some of the most popular songs on the app have stars next to them.

Can you see how many times you played a song on Apple Music?

Apple Music subscribers may utilize the “Replay” function to retrieve their data in a number different ways. Go to the “Listen Now” option in the Apple Music app and scroll to the bottom of the screen to see the playlist of your 100 most played songs. You’ll see your Replay for 2020, as well as every year you’ve had Apple Music, once you get there.

How do you get the apple wrapped in 2021?

To do so, navigate to the bottom of the Listen Now page in the Apple Music app. Here you’ll discover your 2021 Replay, as well as one for each subsequent year.

How do you count songs on Apple Music?

Apple Music is available on iOS devices. Open your device’s Settings app. Select the General option. Then choose About. Scroll down till you come to Songs. You’ll notice the total number of tracks on your device next to songs.

Is there a way to see how many times you’ve listened to a song on Spotify?

Visit the artist’s Spotify profile and check whether the song is included under the “Popular” section to see how many times it has been played. Songs not featured in the “Popular” part, on the other hand, will not display play counts, while songs in the “Popular” area with less than 1,000 streams will be labeled “>1000.”

Is Apple Music better than Spotify?

Sound quality of Spotify vs. Apple Music However, Apple Music is the obvious winner right now. Apple Music already provides lossless music ranging from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 24-bit/192kHz, while standard-quality streaming is 256kbps.

Can artists see who listens on Apple Music?

Learn as much as you can about your listeners from all around the globe. Artist Analytics’ Places tab displays you where your listeners are located by city, state, nation, or region. Filters may be used by artists to watch the success of new albums and even get a sense of where they could perform next.

How do you see your most played artists on Apple Music Spotify?

In the Spotify mobile app, go to the bottom menu and pick Your Library, then Artists from the top menu. You’ll be able to view your artist suggestions. Select Home from the left menu on the Spotify website. Scroll down to the area labeled “Recently played.”

Is Apple Music replay accurate?

Apple Music Replay’s accuracy isn’t entirely obvious. The Apple Music desktop client allows users to view the play counts of all their songs, however some users have noted that the play numbers given in the desktop app don’t always match the play counts listed in Apple Music Replay.

How do I use Receiptify?

Many users of the Receiptify website have uploaded their receipts to social media. To do so, go to the Receiptify website and scroll down to the bottom of the receipt until you find a button that says ‘grab picture.’ It will immediately download onto any device you’re using once you tap that button.

Does Apple Music count streams on repeat?

If the music is an Apple Music file or supplied from Apple Music, each play of more than 30 seconds, whether downloaded or not, is counted as a stream regardless of where it is played from.

Does Apple Music show you your top artists?

Apple Music Replay will display your top artists and albums of the year, as well as other statistics such as how many artists you listened to in total, in addition to the playlists. Then, just like any other playlist in your library, you may share your Apple Music Replay playlist.

How do I get my 25 most played songs on Apple Music?

How to Find Apple Music’s Top 25 Most Played Songs on iPhone Make sure you’re in the Library tab of the Music app on your iPhone. Select Playlists from the drop-down menu. A playlist named Top 25 Most Played may be found by scrolling below. It should be tapped. Here are the top 25 tracks that you’ve listened to the most times.

How much is 10k streams on Apple Music?

For every million streams, Apple Music pays musicians between $7,000 and $10,000. I’m not sure about you, but that’s a substantial sum of money. If you can get a million monthly streams on Apple Music, you can easily make $84,000 to $120,000 per year only from Apple Music.

How much money is 5000 streams on Spotify?

If anyone’s interested, 5k Spotify streams is around $23 USD: r/WeAreTheMusicMakers

How much does Drake make from Apple Music?

According to the same estimate, Drizzy’s 10 billion streams on Apple Music, which he achieved in July 2018 (a month before Scorpion debuted), would have netted him $78 million. A new epoch has begun. Apple Music has surpassed 10 billion streams. @Drake, I’d like to congratulate you on your achievement.

What does E in Apple Music mean?

material that is explicit

How does Apple Music algorithm work?

Apple Music’s algorithm considers your listening history, music you’ve added to your library and/or downloaded, songs you’ve ‘Loved,’ and songs you’ve put to a playlist. This information is used to provide recommendations for music that you are likely to appreciate.

What does a star next to a song mean?


How many hours of music does the average person listen to a year?

Every year, the typical individual listens to 961 hours and 10 minutes of music. In their lifetime, the typical individual hears around 1.3 million songs. Listening to every music in the world would take almost 600 years. Music is enjoyed by around 7.11 billion people.

How do I see my 2021 Apple Music replay?

Go to in your preferred browser to locate your Apple Music Replay 2021 year-in-review. You’ll be given with all of the facts about your Apple Music listening habits throughout the year after you check in with your Apple Music account.

Does Apple Music have a Spotify Wrapped?

Even though the year isn’t done yet, Apple Music has already introduced its own version of Spotify Wrapped, allowing customers to look back on their listening habits in 2022. You can listen to your Apple Music Replay 2022 playlist via the Apple Music app, following in the footsteps of similar playlists introduced in recent years.

How many IU songs are there?

Over the course of her career, South Korean singer-songwriter IU (Lee Ji-eun) has been credited with creating more than fifty songs, including music for her solo career, songs for other singers, and numerous songs for motion pictures.

How many hours of Apple Music library do I have?

Please accept my sincere gratitude. When you’re in your Library in iTunes for Mac, look near the bottom of the screen. It will tell you how many songs or albums you have, how long it will take to play them, and how much storage space they will take up based on your choices.


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