Robbie Williams’ New Album is Now What I Call Music

Robbie Williams’ new album is out and it’s called The Heavy Entertainment Show. It’s a great mix of old and new songs, and I think it’s his best album yet!

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Robbie Williams’ new album

Robbie Williams has released his new album and it is available for purchase now. The album is titled “Now What I Call Music” and features 12 tracks.

The new album features

Robbie Williams’ new album is now available and it features some incredible tracks. From the upbeat and fun “Party Like a Russian” to the more reflective and personal “Love My Life”, there’s something for everyone on this record. Fans of Robbie’s previous work will also be pleased to hear that he’s included some of his classic hits, like “Let Me Entertain You” and “Angels”.

The album’s release date

Robbie Williams’ new album, “The Heavy Entertainment Show” is now available for purchase. The album’s release date was November 4, 2016.

How to get the album

Robbie Williams’ new album is available now! Here’s how to get it:

1. Visit and sign up for his mailing list.
2. Check your email for a special link to purchase the album.
3. Follow the link and enter your payment information.
4. Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be able to download the album in MP3 format.

If you have any trouble, feel free to contact customer service at [email protected]

What the album is about

Robbie Williams’ new album is all about love. The first single, “Love My Life,” is a heartfelt ballad about being grateful for what you have. The second single, “Party Like a Russian,” is a fun and festive tune about celebrating with friends. The rest of the album is filled with songs about love and relationships, including “Better Man,” “Hot Fuss,” and “Sexed Up.”

The album’s artwork

Robbie Williams’ new album is titled “The Heavy Entertainment Show” and will be released on 4th November. The artwork was designed by Mr. Brainwash and Lady Gaga revealed it on her Instagram account.

The artwork shows a close-up of Robbie Williams’ face with the word “ROBBIE” in a comic book-style font. The album’s title, “The Heavy Entertainment Show”, is written across the top in a similar font.

The artwork was met with mixed reactions from fans, with some saying that it was “amazing” and others finding it “ugly”.

The album’s first single

The album’s first single, “Let Me Entertain You”, was released on 4 May 1998. The song became a number-one hit in the UK, spending 14 weeks in the top spot of the charts.

The album’s tracklist

1. “Be a Boy”
2. “Candy”
3. “Different”
4. “Goin’ Crazy” (featuring Williams’ daughter Teddy)
5. “Happy”
6. “I Wanna Be Like Me”
7. “Let Yourself Go” (with Williams’ ex-Take That bandmate Gary Barlow)
8. “Not Like the Others” (featuring Olly Murs)
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10. “Right Place Right Time”

The album’s producer

Robbie Williams’ new album is now available and it is produced by none other than Mike Posner. The album is a mix of Posner’s pop and R&B sensibilities with Williams’ own brand of pop, creating a sound that is truly unique.

The album’s reception

The album’s reception was highly positive, with many reviewers citing it as a return to form for Williams.

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